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A scar is a line or a patch of tissue that replaces normal skin after injury or disease

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About scars

Every time the skin or tissue is cut or damaged it will heal with a scar. Once there is scar it will be there for ever but it can be reduced or restructured with plastic surgery in a way that it is almost invisible

Causes of scars

Any damage to the skin can cause a scar, including:

  • Trauma
  • Acne or chickenpox
  • Burns
  • Cuts or grazes
  • Surgery

The worse the initial damage is to the tissue, the worse the scar will be. Your skin color, age and an unhealthy diet and lifestyle (for example smoking) will all affect how your skin reacts to the damage.

Types of scars

There are several different types of scar

  • Atrophic scar – a sunken or pitted scar. You may get this type of scarring after having acne or chickenpox.
  • Contracture scar – this type of scar causes tightening of the skin and may affect movement in the affected area. You may get this type of scarring if you burn your skin and it can also occur in tissue around an implant (e.g. breast implant).
  • Hypertrophic scar – a red, raised (lumpy) scar. You may get this type of scarring after surgery. They usually fade and soften spontaneously but this may take years.
  • Keloid scars – are red and raised like Hypertrophic scars but they extend beyond the original scar. Keloid scars are also be painful and itchy. Keloid scars don't become soft or flat on their own.
  • Stretch marks – this is a type of scar that occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly (e.g. during a teenage growth spurt or pregnancy).

Treatment of Scars is usually permanent and you may choose to have scar revision plastic surgery treatment. Plastic surgery doesn’t guarantee that the scar will be removed, but the treatments aim to make it less obvious and reduce any tightness it may cause. Your skin color, age and the type of scarring will influence how much improvement you can expect.

Fat Injection may help to improve post acne depressed scars

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